Player Squad size

SA Masters have reviewed its policy on squad size for the SA Masters IPT in Cape Town from 29 April to 3 May 2020 after receiving requests to increase the squad size from three provinces. In view of the short notice of the change and the potential prejudice to participating teams, we consulted with all effected provinces. Our proposal to increase the squad size to 18 players of which 2 must be goal keepers received unanimous support from all parties. We will therefore be bringing our position with regard to squad size in the Medal section in line with the FIH regulations, which reads as follows:

“A maximum of 18 players may be used by a team in a match and during the IPT, of whom 2 must be goalkeepers wearing full protective equipment. If one of the goalkeepers becomes injured or is suspended during a tournament, that team can continue to use 17 players including only 1 goalkeeper. If a team chooses not to include a second goalkeeper in the 18 players, they are limited to using 16 players in a match.”

 In short, if a province selects:

  • 18 players per team, they must include 2 goalkeepers;
  • 17 players per team, they must include 2 goalkeepers;
  • 16 players per team, they can include 1 or 2 goalkeepers.

The goalkeepers must be nominated as part of the registration process and may not change during the tournament. These individuals must remain in protective goalkeeping gear during matches if they are part of the match day squad. It follows that these individuals may not play out and other individuals may not play goalkeeper, unless prior authorisation is obtained from the Tournament Director.

Any team contravening the above rule, will lose all points all points from the match and the result will be recorded as a 5-0 loss.

The above ruling does not apply to a coach and/or manager for the IPT, unless the coach and/or the manager intends to play in the IPT. If such coach and/or manager is also a player, the squad is limited to a maximum of 18 individuals.

 Please note that the squad size in the Spirit section remain at 16 players of which one must be a goalkeeper.

For the love of the Game

 SA Masters Executive