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The Masters Hockey Tournament was started in 1979 in Bloemfontein with only 6 sides participating. This has increased over the years and in 2019, this tournament will have 72 teams competing (28 women and 44 men’s).

Tournament Process

The tournament takes place over a 3-day period in various coastal and inland venues across our country. The tournament generally takes place in August, after our league seasons have been completed. It has on occasion taken place towards the end of April and this will be considered as an option if any International or World Cup events are held around August.

Due to the level of interest and the tournament size, 8 or 9 AstroTurf’s/Fields are required. Ideally, all games and socials will occur at a centralised hub but due to the use of Astro Turfs, the games tend be at different venues where Astro Turfs are available, usually at Schools.

Tournament format

There are two Sections to the Tournament. The Medals Section is classified as the competitive section. Medals are awarded for First, Second and Third place and consists of the Gazelles for the Women and the Colts, Stallions and Mustangs for the Men. The remainder of the pools participate in the Spirit Section of the tournament in which no medals are awarded. It should however be noted that the matches are nevertheless just as competitive as the Medals Section. The Spirit section is comprised of Ladies Pool A – C and Men’s Pool A – E.

Each team in a pool plays 5 games over a 3-day period. These are full games (30min a side). Fixtures are allocated in such a way as to give the teams a breathing space between the games.

Age categories for the pools are:

Medal Section – Colts 34+
Medal Section – Stallions 39+
Medal Section – Mustangs 49+

Spirit Section
Pool A: 34+ (34 to 44)
Pool B: 34+ (44 to 54)
Pool C: 34+ (44 to 54)
Pool D: 34+ (44 to 54)
Pool E: 34+ (55+)

Medal Section – Gazelles 34+

Spirit Section
Pool A: 34+ (34 to 44)
Pool B: 34+ (34 to 44)
Pool C: 34+ (45+)

Tournament Venue 2019

2019 is the year of the 40th Masters IPT event. It is being hosted by Southern Gauteng Masters Hockey Association in Johannesburg. The Primary Venue will be at Saint Stithians College. 2 Astro Turfs will be utilised here. Secondary Venues include Morningside Country Club with 1 Astro Turf, Randburg Astro with 2 Astro Turfs, Wanderers Club with 1 Astro Turf, St Peters College with 1 Astro Turf and Red Hill School with 1 Astro Turf. This is a total of 8 Astro Turfs.

Each venue will have the following:
Access control / Security
Tables & chairs

The closest international airport to this venue is O.R Tambo International airport, or Lanseria in the North of Johannesburg.

Tournament costs

The tournament levy is decided by the hosting province on approval from SAMHA, taking into consideration the budget and income factors annually. This levy is payable in South African Rands (ZAR). The levies cover the costs of organised functions, catering, equipment hire, astroturf costs, umpires and other expenses. Certain medical facilities are available at the fields, (Physio, ambulances).

History of venues

• 1979 Bloemfontein (Unofficial)
• 1980 Port Elizabeth (1st Official)
• 1981 East London
• 1982 Johannesburg
• 1983 Pietermaritzburg
• 1984 Cape Town
• 1985 Pretoria
• 1986 Kimberley
• 1987 Port Elizabeth
• 1988 Welkom
• 1989 East London (First Ladies attended)
• 1990 Johannesburg
• 1991 Pietermaritzburg
• 1992 Benoni
• 1993 Cape Town
• 1994 Pretoria
• 1995 Port Elizabeth
• 1996 Welkom
• 1997 East London
• 1998 Pretoria
• 1999 Johannesburg
• 2000 East London
• 2001 Nelspruit
• 2002 Port Elizabeth
• 2003 Randburg
• 2004 Cape Town
• 2005 Bloemfontein
• 2006 East London
• 2007 Pretoria
• 2008 Durban
• 2009 White River
• 2010 George
• 2011 Krugersdorp
• 2012 Cape Town
• 2013 Pietermaritzburg
• 2014 Port Elizabeth
• 2015 Potchefstroom
• 2016 East London
• 2017 Benoni
• 2018 Durban
• 2019 Johannesburg

Future venues
• 2020 Cape Town