Announcement May 2019

SAMHA launches Africa Invitational Series

SAMHA is very excited at the interest shown by various nations from across the world to participate in the first tournament of this nature in Africa. We look forward to hosting a competitive festival of Masters Hockey in our fair City of Cape Town from 20-24 October 2019.

This event will include participation from both male and female teams in the 35+, 40+, 45+, 50+ and 55+ age categories. The tournament will be a full competitive international series in accordance with WMH rules and regulations.  The South African Masters World Cup 2020 squad will be participating in the tournament.  


It gives the SA Masters Hockey Association great pleasure to announce that we have been awarded the right to host the World Cup 2020  for the age categories of 45+, 50+ and 55+ for both genders. In addition, we have also been appointed as hosts for the women’s tournament for the 60+ and 65+ age categories as well as the “Spirit of Masters” competition for the aforementioned age groups. The 35+ and 40+ age groups have been awarded to England.   The awarding of the first World Cup under the unified World Masters Hockey represents the pinnacle of SAMHA’s efforts to develop the masters game in South Africa and we cannot be more proud. We are further confident that the tournament will provide our economy with a very meaningful injection.

Unprecedented interest in World Cup 2020 Trials

Reg Marais, President of SAMHA, confirmed that they are very happy with the way in which the registration process has proceeded and that no complaints have been received with regard to the online process itself. Thanks to Chris Maughan and the Marmalade Sports team for their support. We are very confident that the selectors will be placed in a position to select a very competitive squad to represent South Africa.  

Whilst we have not made attendance at both sets of trials in Cape Town and Johannesburg compulsory, there is no doubt that you should be attending both sets of trials if you want to give yourself the best possible opportunity to be selected for the World Cup and we strongly encourage all trialists to consider doing so. The selectors, coaches and managers will be present in full force at these trials and you are strongly advised to make use of this opportunity.

Cape Town to host SA Masters IPT 2020

It gives SAMHA great pleasure in announcing that the 2020 Masters IPT has been awarded to Cape Town. We have pencilled in the weekend of 1 May 2020 as the period during which the event is likely to be held. The change in date is to accommodate the Masters World Cup Events which are for later in the year. We wish you and the Western Province Masters leadership all the best in hosting a memorable event.  

A special thank you to Border and Eastern Province who also submitted bids to host the tournament. The Executive finally decided on the basis of our rotation policy to award the IPT to Cape Town. The tournament was last hosted in 2012 in Cape Town, whilst PE and East London had hosted out showcase event more recently.  

Ex-National Player Appointed as  Coach for WC 2020

SAMHA recently announced a very strong team of managers, selectors and coaches to lead the SA Masters World Cup 2020 Squad. It is always gratifying when ex-national players such as Dave Reid-Ross, Emile Smith, Debbi Gates and Debbie Jordaan remain involved in the furtherance of our game. Dave accepted an appointment as coach of the Mens 50+ squad to the WC 2020, while Emile and Debbie will form an integral part of the selection process. We followed a comprehensive process in making these appointments and we are very satisfied that our squad will be in excellent hands for the World Cup journey. A special thank you and congratulations to Debbi Gates and Andre Pearce, the Coaching and Selection Co-ordinators of the ladies and  men’s teams respectively for the hard work in dealing with the application process. Andre and Debbi will work with the selection panels and coaches of the various age groups and will ultimately be responsible to submit the final squad to SAMHA. The coaches will be part of the selection panels and we plan to appoint scouts in the various regions to ensure that all registered trialists are given as much exposure as possible.

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